Carolina Crown & BOX5-TV – Filming all week & thats a wrap!!!

BOILING SPRINGS, NC (JULY 10, 2021) (CAROLINA CROWN) (BOX5-TV / BOX5 Media) – Well thats a wrap.

What a week!!! Spending any amount of time with Carolina Crown is a treat, getting to be there an entire week is something entirely different. The work was hard, the hours were long and the heat & humidity was on another leveL and it was worth every minute. These performers are fantastic, the show is heartwarming and what we need right now. While we are all holding our breath as to what the next 6 months could look like, Carolina Crown offers us hope and brings us back to the activity we all love.

BOX5 had 1 Jib (camera crane), 1 Drone, 10 cameras, 25 microphones, miles of cable and some of our crew on location at Gardner-Webb University for the culminating week of Crowns 21′ season. Each day started at 9am with crew meetings, design meetings and consulting, listening sessions and much more. Each day was packed full with multi-track audio recording sessions and videotaping events and moments of the show.

Left to right: Steve Rondinaro, Rick Subel, Michael Klesch & Jeff Sactig: Discuss the design elements of creating “In My Mind”.

“What you saw on FloMarching on Saturday night was only the tip of the iceberg.” says Tim Snyder, co-owner of BOX5. “What we did this week will be seen in Indy at the DCI Celebration,” Snyder adds.

BOX5 captured everything in 4K and plans to deliver that footage to Crown for use on their platforms and needs. “The footage is stunning and hopefully will bring the performance to life,” says Robin Snyder, co-owner of BOX5. “Our whole team worked extremely hard to make this possible and we couldn’t have accomplished this without them.” Robin continues.

Now the work begins, editing down hours of footage and syncing that with 30+ channels of audio recorded each night. With only a few weeks to complete this for the DCI Celebration of events in Indy will present a challenge, but it will be worth it when the performers get to see their performance a the end of the season.

There wouldn’t be a BOX5 without Carolina Crown. A lot of people don’t know this, but in 2005 (16 years ago) Jim Coates approached Robin and Myself and asked if we would film some stuff for the corps, I obviously said yes and we started. I wanted to get high definition cameras at the time and Jim said, “I will buy you the camera if you will work for us as long as we need”, so we agreed and the rest is history. We’ve done so much together over the years, field studio recordings, tour DVD’s to marketing segments. We’ve done it all with Crown and I look forward to our future endeavors with Crown. The best part about all of this, every time we return to Crown, we are treated like family. Too many times to count someone said to me, “Welcome Home.” Thank you Crown and here’s to the next 16 years.

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Founded in 1988 as the Charlotte Drum Corps Association, Carolina Crown has evolved into a world class performing arts organization with a commitment to enriching the lives of young performers, as well as developing community outreach through music education initiatives & our CrownCARES program. We achieve this through a commitment to our core values that drive Carolina Crown.

Integrity – Commitment – Respect – Excellence

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