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Casper, Wyoming (September 17, 2020) (Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps) – The 2020 season resulted in many unforeseen  challenges with the emergence of COVID-19. While it has been a difficult  experience for all, we did not let it define us. The pause in operation  has given us the time to self reflect, and work toward establishing an  exciting road map for our continued journey. 

Today, we are charting a new course, rooted in fearlessness and bold vision. In 2021, we will reset and begin anew.

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We are pleased to announce the return of Tim Snyder (President of BOX5-TV) as Program Coordinator. Tim played an important role with the Troopers from 2013-2016, building the largest brass program in Trooper history. He then went on to work with Oregon Crusaders, and The Mandarins during their historic rise to the DCI elite top 12.

“I’m so excited to be back home. We have an incredible opportunity in front of us to not only grow as a drum corps but move on from 2020 and establish a new and exciting  version of the Troopers. I have committed to this season and beyond with the following phrase “Embrace who we were with who we can be”. -Tim Snyder, Program Coordinator

Kristy Jackson, the Troopers Corps Director had nothing but positive things to say.

“Tim Snyder is the perfect person to lead the creative future of the drum corps. His knowledge and appreciation for the Troopers history heavily influences his vision for what we can be. With the Troopers being his primary commitment, we will experience an incredible impact on our growth as a world class drum corps. His passion for the Troopers, the well being of the members, and his track record both here and abroad makes him the right person to move us into a new decade.” – Mike Gough, Troopers Corps Director


BOX5 Media strives to create and deliver the highest quality streaming experiences for the most compelling performances anywhere in the world. The BOX5 team is extremely passionate about video production and the arts and believe no other company can match this level of detail and expertise in the marching activity and media production. Founded in 1999 as an audio company, BOX5 Media is still a family business in 2021. BOX5 is a boutique, specialty shop, exclusive business that wants to create the media that inspires the next generation of performers. 

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ABOUT Troopers

For over sixty years, the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps has been at the cutting edge of the marching arts. In the early years, our corps founder, Mr. Jim Jones charted a new course for the destiny of Drum Corps. As originators of the touring model, the concept of merchandising, curve-linear formations, and more, the Troopers also became the first Drum Corps in history to win a National Championship with females in the playing line. In a spark of genius, Mr. Jones proposed the Midwest Combine which quickly became Drum Corps International.

The seeds that have been planted by the long blue line over the years have nurtured the activity into a high level performing and athletic art form. With that growth has come major expenses and support needs. Whether you are able to volunteer your time, make a major donation or even serve on the Board of Directors, you are the village that will keep the dream moving forward. Join us as we continue this unique mission of excellence and help inspire and raise the leaders of tomorrow.

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