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July 24 – Superstar Show – Day #1 – ORDER HERE
July 25 – Optional & Spokesmodel Competitions – Day #2 – ORDER HERE
July 27 – Prelims – Day #3 – ORDER HERE
July 29 – Finals – Day #4 – ORDER HERE

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About Princess of America

Our focus at Princess of America is for each and every young woman competing to walk away feeling they’ve done their best, confident and proud of her accomplishments. We are based in the heart of the country and we believe we embody the heart of pageantry.  We love seeing the empowerment of the next generation and girls learning that beauty goes far beyond the hair and the gown.  There are a few things that set us apart from other pageants.  In addition to awarding a title in each 6 age divisions, we also offer two more titles at a state level and four more title opportunities at a national level. 

The SUPERSTAR title is awarded to the overall high scoring talent. (2 Queens-Junior & Senior, are awarded at nationals)

 The AMBASSADOR title is based on community service and a panel interview. (2 Queens-Junior & Senior, are awarded at nationals)

 Princess of America is a wonderful opportunity for ALL girls, whether they’ve had years of pageant experience or are just beginning their journey with pageantry.  Our national prize package is growing daily and currently over $20,000.00 in cash and prizes will be awarded at the national pageant in Branson, MO!



Princess of America is a natural pageant system. Makeup guidelines apply during ALL areas of competition. This includes the required areas for a state or regional title, Superstar, Ambassador, and all optionals including photogenic.

 Tiny Miss and Little Miss divisions should wear no noticeable makeup. 

 Preteen Miss division is allowed to wear light, natural makeup. Use caution with makeup. Judges are instructed that girls should look age appropriate somakeup can work against you if you are not careful.

 Teen Miss, Junior Miss, and Miss contestants can be more glamorous but should still look their age.

 Makeup guidelines apply during all competitions: required areas and all optional competitions including Superstar and Ambassador.