New York State Field Band Conference signs with BOX5-TV – 9/22/2016

NYSFBC Press Release – 9/22/2016

Syracuse, New York (September 22, 2016) (New York State Field Band Conference) – The New York State Field Band is pleased to announce that BOX5-TV will be providing video recording services for the NYSFBC Championships.  BOX5-TV only employs individuals who are experienced in the marching-music arts and pageantry activity.  We look forward to seeing the results of students and teachers on display thanks to BOX5-TV!

“NYSFBC is one of the oldest and most prestigious organizations in the country and we are extremely happy to be honored to be a small part of these events,” said Tim Snyder, president of BOX5-TV

BOX5 Media strives to create and deliver the highest quality streaming experiences for the most compelling performances anywhere in the world. The BOX5 team is extremely passionate about video production and the arts and believe no other company can match this level of detail and expertise in the marching activity and media production. Founded in 1999 as an audio company, BOX5 Media is still a family business in 2021. BOX5 is a boutique, specialty shop, exclusive business that wants to create the media that inspires the next generation of performers. 

For more information, please visit: box5tv.com

Purpose – The New York State Field Band Conference, Inc. was formed on Feb. 6, 1972 for the purpose of regulating and scheduling field band events in New York State, and for the enhancement of school field band competitions. It is the aim of the New York State Field Band Conference to encourage participation in such events.

Philosophy – It shall be the philosophy of the New York State Field Band Conference to encourage and provide the most positive experience possible for all participants. The Conference will address this need through procedures it implements regarding competition.

For more information, please visit: nysfbc.org

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