How do I watch a stream on my TV?

TV is the way to go when you want to up close and personal? Use these options below to watch a stream on your TV.

  1. Download one of our TV Apps.

If you have Apple TV, Roku, or Fire TV, this is the best way to watch.

  1. Cast to a Smart TV

Casting is available from mobile devices, however, each device is different and will require certain settings to be enabled to see the casting option. Please see your manufacturer details to enable casting. BOX5 DOES NOT LIMIT casting from any browser. Due to the number of possible casting combinations, we are not able to provide support for casting issues. Please use a supported streaming device instead.

Important: For casting to work, both devices (mobile device and TV) must be on the same network. Also keep in mind casting uses more of the same wifi bandwidth you are using to stream. Casting can sometimes introduce lag and delays to the stream, and its success can depend on compatibility between your mobile device and your TV.