Virtual live streaming for Drum Corps Associates in 2021

South Orange, NJ (December 7, 2020) (Drum Corps Associates) – The DCA Board, along with 40 corps administrators, staff and judges, came together virtually for the 2020 DCA Winter Meeting.

The proceedings began with a moment of silence in honor of all those who have been lost to “COVID- 19” during this past year. The topic of conversation quickly turned to how to maintain the good health of our members and fans during this upcoming summer drum corps season.

DCA President John Carr said, “The data will dictate everything moving forward. The health and safety of everyone involved in DCA, our families and fans are of the utmost importance.”

**Corps directors unanimously approved a virtual season in coordination with BOX5-TV, to hold virtual competitions through subscription streaming each Sunday night in July and August leading to the possibility of the 55th Annual World Championship Weekend of Live Championships in Williamsport PA.**

The DCA Board and Corps Directors will continue to monitor Covid-19 and will

meet again in April to review the Covid-19 climate as well as local governmental

restrictions for the 2021 season and possibility of live Championships.

How will the virtual portion of the season work?

Each corps will meet within their home practice space (Bubble/Containment Site) utilizing strict Covid-19 screenings. Following local CDC guidelines, each corps will create their show and submit a video of their performance for that week’s BOX5-TV and DCA event. The judges will review, score and critique each performance in that contest using the videos provided. Those videos will be the basis of the subscription streaming events presented by BOX5-TV and DCA! Each virtual show will be hosted live with an announcer, guests and at times a panel.

This year, there will be a FAN FAVORITE FEATURE. Each subscriber will get a chance to vote during the show for their favorite corps. At the conclusion of each virtual contest, judge’s scores and the Fan Favorite winner will be announced. Tune in to each event for details!

There will be eight virtual events on Sunday nights during the months of July and August followed by the possibility of the DCA World Championships to be held live in Williamsport on Labor Day Weekend September 3 – 6, 2021.

For continued updates about the 2021 DCA season visit our website: www.dcacorps.org

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For more information, please visit: box5tv.com

Drum Corps Associates was founded in 1967 as an all-age, formerly “senior” or over 22, drum & bugle corps circuit. Today DCA is the premier all-age circuit, drawing members from around the globe. Drum Corps Associates, provides a unique experience that rewards crowd engagement, builds lasting friendships, and makes drum corps a life-long performance experience! DCA mainly has a weekend-only competition schedule, with member corps based in the US Midwest, Southeast, & East Coast generally. With this model, Drum Corps Associates has been able to provide the most affordable, accessible and exciting drum corps experience for 50 years!

For more information, please visit: dcacorps.org

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