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The following events are included with the DCA Pro Pass

July 20 – Virtual Show #1
July 29 – Williamsport, PA
August 30 – Virtual Show #2
September 1 – MiniCorps
September 2 – Prelims
September 3 – Alumni Spectacular
September 3 – Finals

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About Drum Corps Associates

Drum Corps Associates was founded in 1967 as an all-age, formerly “senior” or over 22, drum & bugle corps circuit. Today DCA is the premier all-age circuit, drawing members from around the globe. Drum Corps Associates, provides a unique experience that rewards crowd engagement, builds lasting friendships, and makes drum corps a life-long performance experience! DCA is mainly has a weekend-only competition schedule, with member corps based in the US Midwest, Southeast, & East Coast generally. With this model, Drum Corps Associates has able to provide the most affordable, accessible and exciting drum corps experience for 50 years!

The Finest Drum & Bugle Corps in the US and Canada

  • The primary function of Drum Corps Associates is to provide an organization of drum & bugle corps with rules and regulations which provide for continuous progress and growth for drum corps.
  • Using entertainment as a primary goal, Drum Corps Associates performances are unique and represent “state of the art” in mass appeal drum and bugle corps.
  • Drum Corps Associates strives to provide performers with stimulating and rewarding social experiences, to provide a competitive outlet for performers, and to entertain and excite the audience.
  • It is DCA’s objective that member corps should be entertaining, unique, emotional, diverse, vibrant, spirited, and energetic without sacrificing the highest level of quality.
  • To achieve this objective, the Drum Corps Associates philosophy is to encourage each and all corps to choose and perfect the vehicles that entertain audiences and satisfy membership. Audiences should expect and receive varied programs performed with the highest level of proficiency within the structure of the activity.
  • The evaluations of the performances are to be based upon the DCA environment. All adjudication will use DCA standards as outlined in the “DCA Rule Book” and “DCA Clinics”. Use of and reference to the standards of any other organizations in the adjudication process are totally unacceptable. Competition outcomes MUST reflect audience appreciation and provide participant gratification.
  • DCA’s audience has the right to receive excellence. Our corps have the challenge, the responsibility, and the commitment to deliver it!